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Liability Law

The term 'liability law' is a term that covers a very wide area; it concerns all cases where a person may be liable to compensate the damage that another party has suffered.


Labour Law

Labour law revolves around the relationship between the employer and employee, both collectively and individually. In the social security law, the relationship between the insured individual and the public institution is the central point.


Personal and Family Law

More and more problems occur nowadays that are covered by family law. This pertains to all matters with regards to the capacity, family relations, ...


Commercial Law

The commercial and corporate law includes numerous matters, ranging from simple disputes involving traders to complicated corporate legal structures.


Traffic Law

Are you involved in an accident? We assist you in recovering damages or limiting the demand of your counterparty. Even with a traffic violation, we help you determine the legality and mitigate your sentence.


Rent dispute

Does your home have any flaws? Your tenant does not pay? We provide legal advice and are able to initiate proceedings.


Construction dispute

The firm has expertise in the management of construction conflicts.